Yukari Haitani

About Yukari

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”    - Coco Chanel

Yukari Haitani is an award-winning, Certified Interior Designer in California (CCIDC certification number 6476), and a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer recognized by the NKBA.

Yukari hails from Tokyo, a space-conscious environment that taught her to maximize limited space without sacrificing aesthetics. "I don't believe you always have to compromise," says Yukari. Thoughtful interior design can solve problems (and extend your budget) in surprising ways.

Yukari's exposure to multiple cultures has inspired her to bring international influences to her designs. She developed an early appreciation for Chinese and Korean antiques after visiting Hong Kong and Korea, and her major in college was French Literature.

Yukari worked for a showroom and export department at a high-end interior fabric company in Japan, and earned her Interior Design and Kitchen and Bath Design Certificates in Redwood City, CA. She has also studied the Americans with Disabilities Act and Aging in Place, which she applied to two projects she designed for an elderly couple and a client with special medical considerations. Yukari made their lives easier, which is an approach she uses in every project. "I believe in the three Es," she says. "If a house is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to enjoy, the people in it feel comfortable and have fun."

Yukari's work has been published in Designed in Northern California (American Society of Interior Designers), Taste: Food & Design (Interior Design Coalition of California), and California Home + Design magazine.